Hi! Welcome to my website.
Checkout my projects below.

Salary Ninja

Salary Ninja is a first web application that I built with Django. I built it to learn and experience the process of deploying a website from scratch. It is currently deployed on DigitalOcean.

AlphaBlitz: Word Blitz Hack

I built a program that hacks Facebook's Word Blitz game using deep learning. It uses computer vision to detect letters on a computer screen, recursion to find all possible words, and Python to control the mouse to play the game.


A collection of books I enjoyed reading and recommend. I also learned how to implement "CSV as a database" for my books data and filter elements with Javascript from scratch.

Github Machine Learning

The Machine Learning repository in Github is where I document all my learnings related to programming, data science, and machine learning. I document so that I can share the things I learned and to easily refer to them in the future.


I started to write on Medium in 2018. It is a fun way to express myself and share the knowledge. Currently, I am a contributing author to Towards Data Science and Better Programming.


This is a simple snake game built with Javascript. I did not write the code but I just implemented it.